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Melt your mind, not your face

Magical hand-made fans from Budapest.

BZZZ is that special feeling.
A tingling vibration that rushes through your hair and down your spine.
A flood of warmth as you enter the flow.
It’s the buzzing sensation when nothing matters
except music.

We have a limited edition of 100 pieces,
don’t miss your chance to have your own serial numbered Bzzzfan!




The Bat-trip

Bats whirl into the night

The Bat-trip inspired by the origin story of the folding fan. It was invented in the Tenji period (1124-1125), as the result of the invasion of a couple’s bedroom by a bat. The husband, urged by his frightened wife to get up and throw the creature out, conceived the idea for a folding fan after seeing the bat unfold its wings.

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Spider Grandmother, the human-creator Goddess

We love the story of Kokyangwuti aka Spider Grandmother who is the human-creator Goddess in Hopi mythology. She is the wisdom keeper, a powerful teacher, and helper. Bring her magic with you and weave a world of your own.

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Together we are bound

Interconnectedness, visual beauty, sensuality, vulnerability, and strength. An artistic form of erotic rope bondage, Shibari parallels the dance music experience. On the dancefloor, together we are bound.

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    Our first collection has three different fans – with three different stories inspired by nature, mythology and music. Silk-screen printed textile with painted and engraved wooden ribs and a leather loop.

    We have a limited edition of 100 pieces, don’t miss your chance to have your own serial numbered Bzzzfan!


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